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4 Supernatural Power in Just one High Resolution "Video"...

01.Shivranjani Raaga in Indian Classical Music which is well known raga 

02.Maha Mrityunjay Mantra in Shivranjani Raaga. 

03.Instrumental fusion 

04.Yogic Hast Mudra According to the disease.

05.You will receive powerfull commands in Hindi Language to put your mind 

    peacefull in Alfa/Trance level.

06.Samput of Beej Maha Mrityunjay Mantra

Indian Classical Music :- Raag Shivranjani is prescribed for Menopause by our ancient saints. This raga is very effective to balance the hormones in women and help to comeout from the problem. You will get Mrityunjay Mantra in this Raaga.

Mrityunjay Mantra :- In yajurveda, Maha Mrityunjay Mantra is well known mantra to cure disease and remain healthy. Once can remain healthy by only chanting of this mantra,then if we sing or listen in specific Musical Notations then the power of this mantra will be increase…

To get the result for any Mantra it is necessary to chaint it by its Beejak and Samput mantra. 

Yogic Hast Mudra :- Nature belongs to 5 powerfull elements like Fir,Air,Space,Earth,Water. Our 5 Fingers are connected with each element. Our Body also combination of this 5 elements. We can control this 5 elements by using different style of fingers of hands which called Hast Mudra.

Mind Control :- Our Right Braing is connected with spirituality, Creativity and Healing Power. To active our right brain it is necessary to give some specific commands so brain can put in Alfa or trance level. We can obtain healing power by put our mind in Alfa Level.

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