Do You Meet the person who born on World's Music Day...?

Yes…Mr. Nayan Vaishnav, Creater of this unique music therapy born on 21st June, 1975 at New Delhi.Nayan, the child brought up with the genes of Learned Music Artist Mrs. Arunaben Vaishnav & Research Scientist Lt. Dr. Mukundrai Vaishnav, therefore since childhood, he strives for unique innovations in every field which he faces.He started to learn classical Indian Music and he brout up in atmosphere of musical culture in his very childhood.He performed on the stage first time at the age of Nine,at the Auditorium of Agriculture University, Junagadh Located at Gujarat – India. He always thought of to create unique invention in music,during his musical journey,He was inspired by the great flutist Mr. Hariprasad Chorasiyaji and at that time he listened his album of RAAG MALIKA. A thought struck in the mind of Nayan, that How to jump from One Raaga to another without change original raaga’s atmosphere & thus he started the experiments of MURCHHANABHED. After managing this ragas by experiments he made his first World Record by performing 17 Hours Harmonium playing with singing continuously, and this performance had been recorded in (Click)Limca Book of Records – 2002.

It is very costly to make music albums which requires many musical instruments,players,studio etc. so, Nayan thought what should be done to be helpful to emerging music artist if they wanted to made their own music album.? Then he created World’s First One Man Band Concept at Ahmedabad, on World’s Theratre day 27th March – 2004. In this concept Nayan wrote a song, then compose it in Bhairvi Raaga, then arrange the music and rhythm, and played all the instruments and also sung the song him self. This performance Got Placed in (Click)Limca Book of Records – 2005 as a “All in One song”. This performance of One Man Band, took place in the course of the examination of the level of I.A.S.,as a Scientific Musical Research published by Liberty Publications.

Nayan was thinking of making music in such a way that how it can be helpful to common man & then suddenly his elder brother died of the major disease of Lungs Fybrosis which incidence shocked him & the same time he had an intuiation of curing disease by Indian Classical Music.He searched the various ragas from the Indian Granths for each disease. At that time His Spiritual Guru Lt. Arvind Upadhyay used to cure major disease by the Vibhuti of Yagna of Mrutyunjay Mantra.By the inspiration of his Guru he thought “Why should not the mrutyunjay mantra be composed in separate Raaga? Then he started to compose mrutyunjay mantra in various ragas. Being a graduate of (Click)‘’Mind Control” he thought of to give Music Therapy to the patients by taking him in to brain’s Alfa level. So, he merged Classical Music, Mrutyunjay Mantra & Mind Control theory and Prepare this Music therapy.

Even today his research is going on this therapy and many people are taking advantage of this invention. Let us contribute to make this therapy success & to make healthy society.