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*It is with Great Grace that 'Vraja Kishori Publications' have now transcended to 'Seva Trust' status. This purely nonprofit trust is for the service of Pushtimargi Sahitya [devotional Literature for the Path of Grace] and the present day Vraja Bhaktas of the Vraja Dham:

*We specialise in publishing and worldwide distribution of Books of our Key Pushtimargi Literature translated from Vraja Bhasha to English [These are unique translations of such texts, perpetuating the elevated language, Vraja Bhasha] The teachings of the Path of Grace will lead to the sustenance and maintainance of the Vraja Rasalila Tradition and Vraja Bhasha both spoken and written; the service of which, whatever form it takes, is a Grace–given privilege and participation, however minimal, is the blessing of Seva. We also produce high quality CDs to accompany the books.

*All proceeds go towards our Trusts activities: We offer seasonal help directly to local individuals, children and families [for sustenance and education] as well as to renunciate saints and religious mendicants, pilgrims and the disinherited widows of RadhaKund through blankets, socks, tuitions, fans, spectacles, soap, tricycles, sewing machines, food supplies and more[walking sticks,warm clothes and jackets, gas cylinders for cooking], Prasad distribution, clean water, clothes and medicines. Such items are also widely distributed throughout Vraja [the local area] where we also conduct clean-ups rallies. Some of these are Thond Ghano,Belvan,Mansarovara,Bansibat,Sonera ki Kadam Khandi,Pisai ki Kadam Khandi,Mor Kuti and Sakhi Giri in Varsana.We support the Bhagavan Bhajanashram [which houses many widows,] and Fauji Baba [who cooks for and feeds 500 mostly homeless people daily on the Holy Path of Govardhan].We also facilitate prasad distribution through the efforts of Bhola baba on the Sri Vrindavan Parikrama and fund shelter and feed for cows.Other local animals are also suffering due to the 2020 pandemic and they also are fed when the rickshaw goes out.We have acquired a 'distribution rickshaw' for this purpose which is used daily to reach the many needy souls in the alleys and ashramas of Vrindavan and surrounds.We have also visited ,honoured and documented the Sevas offered in 22 of Sri Vallabhacharyajis Baituks throughout the whole of Vraja.

Our new building “Vraja Kishori Seva Dham” was inaugurated in 2018 and last year 2019 saw the first classes on site. Our on-going plan is to provide education both modern [Maths, English etc.] and traditional to Vrajavasi children with the aim of enhancing the Rasa Lila Mandalis'Vrindavan-based education by including Sanskrit,classical Vraja Bhasha,Music,Dance ,Sringar and instrumental tuition into the syllabus.It is a very important Seva to revive and prolong the Rasa Lila tradition which holds pride of place in the Culture of Vraja as an instrument of Instruction of Divine Principle and Arts. So far,so good!Although temporarily interrupted by the 2020 pandemic,the classes are thriving especially those of the Vraja Kishori Music School which can now also give on-line lessons. Teachers know enough English for those from abroad.Our books support this with their translations of many of the famous texts and verses into English.Tuitions are free for children who need support and feeding.


*The Seva Trust works in the UK through Yoga classes taught by Krishnaakinkari, Yoga Events and Book Sales, advice on Ayurvedic healing herbs and juices and various yoga therapies.

Any support is welcomed in any form including financial. it is a modest enterprise run by a dedicated team, all committed volunteers.

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